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 Dota fanfic

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PostSubject: Dota fanfic   Dota fanfic Icon_minitimeMon May 21, 2007 2:39 am

I didnt write this I'll admit firstly the quality is too good to be mine.

Ryushin is the main character, and im only taking out 1 of the 35 chapters which i think is the best, and btw the story hasnt end yet, it will probably reach 100 chapters.
The story is a spinoff inspired by dota, the characters are the same but some of their characteristics has been changed and i like the way the author does it.
Basically Drow ranger is a princess of the Underdark , there are 2 races there fighting each other. the drows and the Vampyres. The leader of the vampyre is, of course, night stalker and he is a good guy in this story. Hes not exactly good, hes with the lich king and he often had clashes with him, but hes being forced to join the scourge because he needed aid in the battle with the drows and he finds the sentinel too weak to be of any help. The vampyres are a mighty race but their numbers are few.

Chapter 27: Bloodlines

Traxex nocked another arrow, closed her eyes and saw with her inner sight, what the Drow archers of legend had always called her Dark Vision. It painted a landscape in front of her, where she could see the inner workings of all life, the mana pulse that flowed through all living things, faint as it may be. It was a technique in which, when mastered, the Dark Vision could provide a series of “maybes” in terms of where a target may decide to move next. With it, Traxex had learned to form a sort of mental box around her target, wherein she could calculate every possible movement from that position and begin to plan. The moment a target should move, another box had already been calculated, and from there, another and another, till the target had nowhere to run.

Taking a deep breath, she tracked the bird through her Dark Vision and finally let the arrow fly. Her aim was true and the bird flopped down onto the ground, an arrow lodged firmly three centimeters left of it’s heart - a non-lethal injury. She reached the bird in a few steps and pushed the arrow through, broke it and set the bird off on it’s own to fly again.

“And here I was thinking, you’d killed the thing,” a voice whispered in her ear. Forcing her mana into her legs, she darted away, covering ground at a speed that could nearly match Ryushin’s Dragon Flight. Movement techniques were widespread among all creatures with high enough man potential. It was the common wisdom that speed was more important than strength, necessitating that all of the champions of both sides learn to channel their mana in order to make quick escapes or lightning fast attacks.

Of course, not all movement techniques were equal, some were faster than others, but not by much. Sadly, it was that fraction of a hair that nearly cost Traxex her life. She had barely seen the being tracking her before she let loose with another arrow.

The black-hooded creature, slipped his head under and leapt at her in a spiraling tackle. She grunted, slung her bow over her shoulder and leapt upwards, leg split as her cloaked assailant flew through her legs. She landed evenly on both feet and spun, arrow nocked and ready to fly, but the hooded creature stopped and stood up slowly, hands raised.

Traxex entered her Dark Vision, calculating every possible branch of movement for up to the next fifteen moves. In her mind she smiled at the 90% chance that the next move would strike the foe dead in a single shot.

“90 percent only Traxex?” the now familiar voiced cooed. “I’m insulted that you wouldn’t calculate my skill in your Dark Vision. In realities, your chances of slaying me in a single shot are...” the voice faded.

“Nil,” the creature said once more, this time reappearing behind her. Traxex frowned but then smiled as she realized what time of day it was.

Night time.

“Balanar?” she asked, a slight smile playing over her lips.

The Night Stalker removed his hood and smiled broadly at his old friend. She broke into laughter before she threw her arms around him in a fierce hug. They laughed together then as they hadn’t done in many years. She studied his pale face and began to worry. He did not look as relaxed as he had before, though his strength was still undeniable.

“Balanar, what is it? Why have you come to me? My mother’s armies must still be attacking Ark Tul’ahn,” she said, sadness creeping up into her features.

“Yes, they are, but for now, my people are safe enough to allow my absence,” he whispered back as he glanced around, wary that anyone should overhear them. “The Bloodlines Project is in danger.”

“The what?”

“Bloodlines Project,” Balanar sighed. “I will be honest with you, Traxex, I am not the first of the Vampyres. I am actually the second.”
Traxex stared open mouthed at her dear friend, scarcely believing his words. She had always been taught that Balanar was as strong as he was because he was the very first Vampyre, the strongest of all Vampyres. Should there be another, one even older than an Ancient, his strength would be...

“Godlike,” Balanar finished her train of thought. “The first Vampyre is actually my older brother, though he is not a Vampyre as you know it. Indeed, he is the only Vampyre of his kind, the only one that can reproduce.”

“By the gods...”Traxex whispered.

“Yes, by all means, he would be the closest thing to one, should the Bloodlines Project succeed.”

“What is it? You’ve never told me about it, even when I was living with you in Ark Tul’ahn. Who is your brother?”

He looked at her and sighed heavily before talking. “He was the one who was given a prophecy from Alexstraza saying that we would become darkness incarnate, though we were known as the Daylight Templar at the time. He was the very first Vampyre ever, though almost completely different from myself or any of the other Vampyres to date. All the strengths of being a Vampyre flowed in his veins, heightened in fact, though he was devoid of the nastier side of vampirism - no thirst, no weakness to fire, sunlight, nor garlic.”

“So why-”

“Am I different? Because of the Burning Legion. When I fought in the First War of the Ancients, I and the few other Vampyres that existed, sided with the Night Elves. But we were too great a threat for the Legion to ignore. They cursed us to become creatures of darkness for all of eternity, hunted by others until we all shall fall. The curse weakened as we sired other Vampyres, but it would never leave us nor our bloodlines. We became the Ar’tyrn, the Fallen Ones. My brother, who had refused to participate in the conflict, went into hibernation and cautioned us to do the same. He was the only one who went into hibernation; all the rest of us were fools who tasted the bitter curse of the Legion. Henceforth, my brother Ar’shahk is the last of the pureblood Vampyres. As I became the Night Stalker, he has remained the Daylight Guardian, fulfilling the dark prophecy given him so many lifetimes ago.”

Traxex remained silent for a moment before speaking again. “And the Bloodlines Project?”

Balanar’s face turned very serious as he stared at her. “I first started the project after I had fled into the Underdark to hide from the Dragon Flights. It wasn’t until I got there that I remembered that the Underdark was where my brother had gone into hibernation in the times even before the Sundering. I had managed, in my stupidity, to forget where his resting place was as I ran amok on the surface.”

“In his chamber I found him laying there, hibernating as I expected him to be. At the time, I was very close to death, necessitating that I do something to regenerate as quickly as possible. If you’ve ever wondered why I can no longer sire other Vampyres, it was because of what I did that day.”

Traxex looked at him horrified. “No, you didn’t...”

“I did,” he said, his face full of regret. “I was close to death and not thinking clearly. I bit him, full knowing that the mixing of our bloods could kill either one of us or perhaps even both of us. His blood regenerated me, as I hoped it would, but came with it a whole slew of side effects. I was less like a Vampyre and more like a Daylight Templar; I was once more immune to sunlight and garlic, and all my Vampyre strengths had been heightened. Yet I could no longer pass on the Dark Gift of Vampirism because I no longer thirst for blood. The condition of the blood thirst Vampyres feel is what we pass on to others, it’s what turns people into Vampyres. I no longer had the thirst, in effect, I had been cured of the nastier side of vampirism.”

“Your brother’s blood...”

“Yes, I drank it, get over it,” he growled. “The thing is, the mixing of our bloods seemed to have put him deeper into sleep than even hibernation normally entails. I can’t wake him up because in a sense, his blood has been tainted by my bite.”

“This is getting uglier every second, Balanar.”

The Vampyre ignored her and continued. “I began to experiment with his blood; I figured I’d already bitten him, I might as well see what his blood can still do.”

“I found out that his blood still overpowered mine, but not by much. His blood can no longer cure the ill effects of vampirism permanently. It can, however, allow Vampyres to reproduce, myself included.”

Traxex cocked an eyebrow, “You’ve tried?”

“Well, no,” he said. Seeing the doubtful look on her face, he scowled and waved his hands impatiently. “Okay fine, yes I did.”

It was all Traxex could do to stop from bursting out in laughter. “You? You have a kid? Balanar, I haven’t been out of it for that long, have I?”

He frowned at her. “He turned out to be little stronger than an ordinary human.”

“Oh,” she replied, feeling a bit stupid.

“These couplings must be Vampyre to Vampyre before they can produce strong, viable offspring,” Balanar said.

“And so what exactly is your Bloodlines Project aiming for?”

“A cure for Vampirism,” Balanar said darkly.

Traxex recoiled, a bit taken aback. “But I thought you said the couplings-”

“Not for my people, Traxex, but for my brother. When I bit him, I was a mere Vampyre, soiling the blood of an Ancient. If I can find a cure for vampirism, I can reverse the damage I did to my brother, possibly waking him, which would lead to our salvation.”

“And if it doesn’t?”

“Then at least my people will be able to reproduce once I have extracted enough blood to empower enough of the Vampyre population. With enough offspring, we could to bring our war with the Drow to a bloody conclusion in a matter of a few years.”

“So why are you coming to me? It’s not like I can help wake your brother up,” she said, suddenly suspicious.

“No, you’re absolutely right, old friend,” Balanar said with a hint of sadness. “I need you to return with me to the Underdark, help forge a peace between the Vampyres and the Drow.”

She backed away with him quickly and drew her bow against him. “No, Balanar. I understand your plight and I sympathize, but I cannot - I will not go back. I promised myself, never again would I step into that hell hole and I plan on keeping that promise.”

Balanar growled menacingly. “Do you think I WANT you to come back for fun? I need the time, I need the peace, especially because my warriors are guarding Ice Crown on at the moment. I am not asking that you come back forever, only long enough for me to hopefully awaken my brother, or until my people can reproduce, that’s all.”

Her composure cracked and she felt herself succumbing. “Balanar...I hate it there.”

“As do I, Traxex, but we must do what is necessary. All I ask is that you help me save my people,” he said, voice full of conviction.

“And if I don’t?”

“You think I’ll drag you there?” Balanar cocked an eyebrow. “If you don’t, my people will die, to the last, and I will be hunted forever.”

She gritted her teeth as tears began to flow down her eyes, “Damn you, Balanar, for putting me in this position.” She paused as she began to think and weigh the options before her. “What about Ryushin? What will I tell him?”

Balanar looked down, “I visited Roshan’s cave after my battle with your lover. He was gone, and no traces of him nor Roshan were left behind.”

Her eyes widened as she rushed at the Night Stalker in her grief, batting her fists against him. Balanar did nothing, letting her vent her grief before he stopped her.

“He isn’t dead, Traxex, I know it,” Balanar said, gripping her shoulders. “As to where he’s gone, I only have an idea, but I know that he isn’t dead.”

Traxex said nothing as tears continued to pour down her face. “If I come with you, will you help us? Will you help me find Ryushin and end the Lich King?”

Balanar looked down but hugged her tighter to himself. “On my life as the Night Stalker.”


Ryushin is not mentioned much in this story, but hes drow ranger boyfriend .
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walao .. dont read it 6am in the morning la. who read fanfics 6am in the morning wan of course yawn la.
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Dota fanfic
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